Question Tuesday

Question Tuesday

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Question Tuesday June 8

Question Tuesday June 8




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  1. Nadezhda Simova

    Police are unlikely to write a ticket for not wearing a mask, but a few months ago I was refused service at Shoppers Drug Mart because I wasn’t wearing a mask even though I explained I have medical condition that doesn’t allow me to wear one. TPS was called. Officers Matheson; Badge 11723
    and Lee; Badge 11810 told me I was trespassing and have to leave. I showed them the relevant By-law and the “shall not be required to provide proof part” – they kept nodding in agreement and saying they understand. They asked me what’s the date of the By-law (I had pulled it up on my phone), which showed they had no idea about it. I asked them “so I’m showing you the law, you understand that that human rights are over and above private property owners’ rights, you understand I have a disability that doesn’t allow me to wear a mask, you understand that you’re assisting the store owner in discriminating me based on that disability, but you’re going to remove me from the store as a trespasser anyway?” Didn’t click – I’ve filed an HRTO complaint.

    • Nadezhda Simova

      I need to edit my comment so bad – this is how it all comes out when you keep being interrupted by your 3-year-old while writing a comment.

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Statement of Claim Filed

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